the cheap seats.

I have just read a column that Karren Brady writes for Woman and Home magazine. Karren is mainly known for being Vice-Chairman of West Ham FC and for being one of The Apprentice judges. The article is about decision-making; Karren says, "Live your life with a sense of possibility - not dread.”  Now you may think, oh well it’s ok for her to say that, she is rich, famous, etc, etc.  However, Karren didn’t start out being rich and famous, her ability to live life with a sense of possibility has got her to where she is today.


How do you live you life, is it with dread, fear, trepidation and anxiety?  Karren also says “there are many cheap seats in the world.  These are the seats far away from the action, where people sit at a distance and criticise others who are having a go at life”.  Is this you, do you want to continue in the ‘cheap seats’?

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